Term at machine tools for the rotational axis, which rotates around the linear axis Z.

At CNC woodworking machines, this axis has a much higher importance as an A-or B-axis. This is mainly because in the wood processing industry mainly flat, panel-shaped workpieces are processed. The surface of a panel can easily be reached with every tool. The processing of the 4 narrow sides is only possible with adapter aggregates where tools can be used horizontally. Without C-axis such a horizontal tool always has the same angle to the narrow side and therefore could only be used for one of the four sides. Only with a C-axis the angle can be changed and even panels with irregular shapes could be processed.

The C-axis motion usually is achieved by a torque support executed as drive for the rotational movement. By means of a servo motor it can rotate adapter aggregates to any angle. The C-axis can be a positioning axis or interpolating axis.

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Wechselsägeaggregat für C-Achse
Hauptspindel mit C-Achse und Aggregat
C-Achse, Antrieb, Aufbau
WEEKE, 2001
Demontierte C-Achse
BIESSE, 2008
Aggregateschnittstelle mit Pneumatik- u. Elektronikversorgung...
HOMAG, 2002
Drehmomentstütze (rechts) und C-Achse (links)
BIESSE, 2005
C-axis drive of a Reichenbacher VISION