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GIBEN MTLD feeding for thin panels

Aggregate for the accurate separation and loading of medium sized panel materials with thicknesses of 4 - 30 mm, which are uneven and which have significant tolerances in thickness.


  • The thinpanel aggregat moves to the opening height according to the height of the pack of panels. The lifting table moves upwards and compensates the material against the device. A separatur clamps the lowest sheet pneumatically against the stops and the lifting device lowers. Accordingly a gap is created between the stack on the lifting table and of the pack which needs to be pushed off.
  • In this gap the separating wedges are now moving closely together.
  • The separating wedge which is on the clamp of the length pusher moves in direction X, then runs away from the reference point and separates the remaining pack from the stack.
  • Now the length pusher moves forward and loads the separated pack on the machine.
  • After the pack is pushed on the support in a zone of the length pusher, the aggregate moves away backwards and the clamps with their floating bearings take over the secure transport onwards towards the final cut.