GIBEN STLD feeding for thin panels

STLD (Super Thin Loading Device) Technology for the accurate deviding of very thin panels (according to the manufacturer 1 - 3 mm) and for the exact, automatic, loading of packs of panels on a beamsaw.

Procedure :

  • The aggregate opens dependent on the height of the package that has to be pushed off. The lifting table moves upwards and sets the material off against the device. The first dividing wedge moves into the package and the lifting device sinks so that a gap emerges between the stack located on the lifting table and the package to be pushed off.
  • The second dividing wedge now moves into this gap.
  • The dividing wedge to the grippers moving in X-direction moves apart from the neutral point and separates the remaining package.
  • The length pusher moves forward and feeds the machine with the separated package.


Dünnplattenbeschickung STLD