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Short description

CNC-machining centre as a starter machine for use in the industrial field. Successor of the successful HOMAG series BOF 20/BAZ 20.


Both machines have the same basic configuration, but differ in the length of the Y-axis. The series BOF 300 was designed as starter model for industrial CNC machining and was offered with a great variety of equipment options.

There are 2 basic models of the BOF 311 - available as Optimat or Profi line). Equipped with a Y-axis and an aggregates support:

Optimat BOF 311

Fixed Y-axis 1.700 mm, equipped with matrix-table, available with 5 table lengths of 3.000 - 7.200 mm.

BOF 311 Profi line

Equipped with K-table and available in two lengths for Y (1.700 and 2.000 mm) as well as 5 table lengths of 3.000 - 7.200 mm.

Optimat BOF 322

Equipped with 2 aggregates supports, with 1 separate Y-axis each on the left and the right side of the cantilever, only available with matrix table in two table lengths (5.200 and 6.000 mm). Standard was 1 working spindle with simple C-axis. Optionally available were vertical drilling units, a second router head as well as a horizontal drilling unit with groove saw. Furthermore, the HOMAG aggregate interface with electronic and pneumatic supply was available. One could choose between different disc tool changers and chain changers with up to 70 exchange positions.

BOF 322 Profi line

For the profi line model, the AutoClamp-table (later AP-System table) as well as an LED positioning aid were available.

In 2009, there was another change of models in the HOMAG group:

The model series BOF 200/BOF 300 as well as BAZ 200/BAZ 300 were summarized in the new model series B 200/ 300 and a new design was introduced.


BOF 322
BOF 300 Aggregateträger

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Types of the series HOMAG BOF