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DRIVE 5plus is a 5-axis working spindle developed and used by the Homag group in 2003. Initially there were other names until the overall concept Drive5plus was introduced in 2005.

Unlike FLEX5, it is not an interface for adapter aggregates, but a working spindle with full 5-axis interpolation.

Drive 5plus is designed as cardan head (Homag name: fork-shaped head) for particularly heavy milling. Until 2005, this was the only 5-axis technology offered by Homag.

In 2005, at 5-axes spindles the program was extended by the spindle Drive 5C besides the still used Drive 5plus and later additionally by the Drive 5Cplus.


Drive 5plus, in connection with a torque support, offers the rather rare opportunity to use angular Aggregates on a 5-axis working spindle. Using the pneumatic interface, it is possible to build a cushion of air and thus to scan workpieces without contact, three-dimensional.


Homag Drive 5+ Spindel
HOMAG, 2018
Spindel TF2 Evolution, einer der Vorgänger von Homag Drive 5+
Homag Drive 5+
HOMAG, 2007


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