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Aggregate interface from the HOMAG Group, which was developed in cooperation with the aggregates producer Benz.

Flex5 are aggregates with the tool interface HSK-F63. These can be exchanged via the tool changer. The Flex5 interface allows processing with 5 axes on a 4-axis machine with the appropriate aggregates. The 5th axis is a positioning axis and cannot be built as an interpolating axis, because of the underlying principle. The adjustment the 5th axis is performed between the individual processing steps by the drive of the C-axis.

Already at the beginning of the 2000s, the designation 'Flex Five' was used within the Homag Group for a 5-axes sawing aggregate developed by Weinmann, where the turning axes were designed as positioning axes.

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HOMAG, 2011
Flex 5 Schnittstelle, Variante mit Elektronik-/Pneumatik Schnittstelle
HOMAG, 2009
Flex 5 Schnittstelle, Variante von Weeke
WEEKE, 2014
Flex 5 Aggregat, vorn das Schwenkgetriebe für die 5. Achse
HOMAG, 2015
Flex 5 Aggregat, Ansicht der Werkzeugaufnahme für Sägeblatt und Spannzange
HOMAG, 2012

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