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Pressure zone

Aggregates at edgebanders for pressing of Edge on the edge of panels.

Pressure zones for non-shaped workpiece edges are made of several formed Metal rollers. The weight and the roll diameter decide on the maximum thickness of the edge material. In general the first role is made of solid steel, has a larger diameter than the following roles and is powered. The following roles can be made of steel or aluminum. These roles are resiliently suspended or press individually pneumatic the edge material on the part edge. At this the pressure for each role can be adjusted separately. To keep the glue away from the rollers, especially PUR glue processing machines are equipped with release agent spraying device.

The manufacturer Ott is using a controlled pressure belt with segmented pressure pads instead of rollers. The pressure belt prevents damage to sensitive surfaces.

At soft forming edgebanders pressure zones with several adjustable rollers are used (see soft forming machine ).


Druckzone mit 1 Rolle
Druckzone mit einsatzgesteuerten Rollen
Andruckband und Segmentdruckschuhe