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WoodWOP is a workshop-based program system for CNC-machines manufactured by Homag. It's been used in order to create processing programs directly at the machine. Over time the array of functions has steadily increased and it has even been adopted to the work preparation. In the early 90's the HOMAG group has already begun to develop their own program system. Previously CNC-machines had been programmed directly in DIN-Code, often on separate office work spaces. The programming of unsymmetrical workpieces in DIN code was very complex.

Also much process-technical Know-How was necessary with this workpieces that only the machine control owned.

Therefore the programming of office has been brought back to the machine, meaning the "work shop based".


WoddWOP 7.1

On the Homag user convention in autumn 2016 the Version 7.1 has been initially introduced. On the trade fair Ligna 2017 the broad audience can take this expansion into account.

woodWOP 7

  • from ca. 2015 up to ca. 2017

woodWOP 6.1

  • from ca. 2012 up to ca. 2015

woodWOP 6.0

  • from ca. 2009 up to ca. 2012

woodWOP 5.0

  • from ca. 2002 up to ca. 2009

woodWOP 4.5

  • from ca. 1999 up to ca. 2002

woodWOP 4.0

  • from ca. 1997 up to ca. 1999

woodWOP 2.5

  • from ca. 1994 up to 1997

woodWOP 1.0

  • from ca. 1992 up to ca. 1994

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