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Contour edgebander

Machines for the applicaton of lippings to panel materials, which are distingued from the normal rectangular shape.

Edgebander for shaped workpieces are available with a manual feed, with a semi-automatic feed or as feed through machines with fully automatic workpiece feeder. They differ in their configuration from machines with glue application or without, depending on the edge material.

Workpiece feeder manual / semi-automatic

On a mostly rectangular shaped working table in the center there is the gluing unit. The gluing unit consists of the edge feeder, the glue application unit (glue system) respectively the hot air fan (for pre-glued edge material), guiding fence with guiding roll and the driven pressure roller. The workpiece is manually guided along the guiding fence. A limit switch activates the edge application, and therefore the edge material is guided towards the glue application unit/ the hot air fan. With pre-glued edge material the hotmelt is reactivated through hot air. With non-glued material the application of the hot melting glue is generated with a glue roller. At the end of the guided fence the workpiece and the lipping are unified. The machine user presses the workpiece against the pressure roll. In this way the edge material which lies in between is firmly pressed against the workpiece.

Through continuous pressure and the rotation of the pressure roll an ongoing flow of the workpiece is achieved, until the desired amount of the edge is processed. Via foot switch or limit switch the pneumatic or electromagnetic pneumatic trimmer is activated, which seperates the material which has been applied to the workpiece from the material roll.

As an option this kind of machine can be equipped with a trimming saw to cut off the overlapping edge material on the front and back side. The fine trimming of the upper and lower overlapping material can be done with the help of a edge trimming machine.

The German manufacturers Brandt and IMA offer a manual edgebander for shaped workpieces with a mobile gluing system. This machine can clamp big workpieces on the machine table, while the gluing unit hanging on a tackle is led by hand around the workpiece. See models KTD 82 and KTD820.

Workpiece Feeder automatic

Due to the movement of the feeder there is a distinction between feed-through machines and returnfeed machines. Feed-through machines match in principle the common feed-through edgebanders. Pressure rollers and processing aggregates can scan the contour of the workpiece with their longstroke pneumatic cylinders. The length of the stroke limits the depth of the profile.

Should the procession of curved work pieces be all around, then the returnfeed machines need to be utilized. These clamp the workpiece on a table and turn it. Gluing unit and processing aggregates are arranged around the machine. By the mean of a rotating movement the workpiece edge will be guided through the gluing unit and the processing aggregate. The edge material can be applied and processed all around. (See Brandt R 24).

With the introduction of the edge banding process on CNC-machining centres the relevance of feed-through edgebanders has been lost.


VITAP, 2019
für vorbeschichtetes Material (KTV12)
BRANDT, 1990
Schmelzkleber-Leimsystem (KDP 111 F)
Durchlaufmaschine KV/B
BRANDT, 1983
Andruckzone mit Langhub-Zylindern
BRANDT, 1983
Rundlaufmaschine R24

Series (70)