Glue system

Glue system cartridge 1906 M

Patented cartridge adhesive application system for the processing of EVA and PUR hot melt cartridges in HOLZ-HER edgebanders without a cartridge magazine/with manual loading of the glue cartridges.

Design and mode of operation

A hot melt glue cartridge is inserted into the horizontal feed cylinder. A pneumatically actuated piston presses the cartridge against a heating plate, laced with horizontal channels. Because of the heat, the front side of the cartridge emits liquid glue, which is pressed through the channels to the glue nozzle. With the glue nozzle, the adhesive is applied to the workpiece edge.

The cleaning of the system after processing PUR glue is done using rinse cartridges.


  • Closed heating system, heat-up time max. 3.5 min
  • Power consumption 1.9 kW
  • Molten adhesive is applied through nozzles and high pressure
  • Simple cartridge change, fast color change
  • For workpiece feed rates of up to 16 m/min


  • Because of patent protection it is only available for HOLZ-HER edgebanding machines

Alternative and related terms


EVA Schmelzkleberpatronen
HOLZ-HER, 2008