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Device for connecting wooden slats by means of glue and pressure to gluelam planks and gluelam panels with up to 80 mm width.


Gluing presses serve the production of mostly small gluelam panels or planks.

  • Steps
  • Stringers
  • Table tops

Construction and mode of operation

The operative part of a gluing press consists of a vertical, perforated metal profile, into which the workpiece support is mounted in the lower half and the pressure cylinder in the upper half. Between the workpiece support and the pressure cylinder the glued blanks are stacked and pressed together with the pressure cylinder. The pressure in the cylinder can be built up pneumatically, hand-hydraulically or electro-hydraulically, depending on the type of press. Several of these vertical pressing units are movable mounted next to each other on an upper and lower beam. One or more manually operated downholders prevent the arching of the workpiece under pressure. Upper and lower beam are either connected by triangular, side stands or mounted to a wall.

Special equipment

Pendulum pressure plate for angular pressing

The pendulum pressure plate for angular pressing is attached to the pressure pad of the pressure cylinder. It is suspended in the middle, as a pendulum and adapts to workpieces whose top edge does not run horizontal but ascending or descending, e.g. steps.

Alternative terms

Similar presses


Pneumatische Verleimpresse
POLZER, 1998
Elektrohydraulische Verleimpresse
Pendeldruckplatte für Schrägverleimung
HESS, 1998

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