Agregat(y) szybkowymienn(y)(e)

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Technical term for exchangeable motor tool units on milling aggregates of edgebanders.

Different furniture designs always require a change of the edge thickness, the edge profile and the edge material. For each of these, different milling and scraping tools have to be used. Time-consuming tool changes and adjustments are the result. The rapid-change aggregates on the flush/radius/chamfer milling units and on the corner rounding units are a good option to keep the setup processes as short as possible despite the flexible edge design.

A rapid-change aggregate consists of an aggregates stand or an aggregates suspension, an attached motor slot and the motor tool unit, which can be connected to the motor slot with a few simple steps, e.g. with a clamping lever. In order to enable the exchange of this unit without any further adjustments, the distance from the motor slot to the profile on the tool has to be the same for each exchange unit. To allow this for the different tool sizes, the motor is mounted adjustable on a plate. Depending on the tool size, the position of the motor on the plate is adjusted only once. On the aggregates stand, only the right edge thickness has to be adjusted, regardless of whether a radius 2mm, 3 mm or a chamfering unit was inserted.

Motor tool units for edge copying aggregates are equipped with additional horizontal and vertical tracing rollers for copying.

Characterizing features of rapid-change aggregates are the plug connections for the power supply of the motor.

Alternative options

The following technologies also allow a quick profile change:


In the Höchsmann machine catalogue, the feature "Schnellwechsel-Aggregate" (Quick tool change aggregates) refers only to the aggregate including the quickly changeable motors mounted on the aggregate. It does NOT refer to an additional set of motors.


Eckenkopier-Schnellwechselaggregat (Polymac)
Wechseleinheit mit Fasefräswerkzeug (Holz-Her)
Wechseleinheit für Eckenkopieraggregat (HOMAG)