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Количество зажимных цанг

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Number of clamps on the program fence of beamsaws.

In terms of type and design of the grippers, the machine manufacturers use different systems.

Conventional system with multiple clamps, firmly attached to the program fence

Usually, the manufacturers use 5 to 8 grippers - for cross-cut saws usually only 3 to 4 because of the smaller cutting area - because of special requirements sometimes even more than 8 grippers. In the area of the guide they are mounted in narrower intervals, to be able to securely hold and guide narrow board strips.

CNC-controlled grippers

This is the PM-System of the Italian machine manufacturer Giben. The grippers can be either moved in X- or Y-direction.

For more information, see: grippers


PM-System X-/ Y-Achse
einfache/ doppelte Spannzangen
Spannzangen EB 90
SELCO, 2001