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The series of HOMAG which was specifically designed for the industrialized window production.

With the Centateq S 900, different processing techniques such as sawing, drilling, milling and measurement processes, labeling of parts and 3D processing can be combined and create many possibilities for the production of single parts of windows. In addition, the machining center offers machining options for various materials (wood, plastics, aluminum, composite materials) as well as for door, winter garden and facade constructions ...

Special features

  • Automatic handling of workpieces in confined spaces
  • Profile depths of up to 180 mm for greater thicknesses and better insulation values of insulating glass
  • Automatic feed & destacking
  • Production of arches and processing of entry doors by quick re-equipment of the machine
  • For the processing of support and latch constructions in the construction of winter gardens and facades, a 5-axes spindle can be used for shift cuts and milling of connections.
  • Router heads with up to 28 kW power allow high feed rates even with large cutting profiles
  • Tool storages with up to 432 positions allow a production of various window systems with up to 180 mm profile depth without manual tool changes.

Information on power provided by the manufacturer

  • Up to 100 window units per work shift (by simultaneously using 2 router heads)

Optionally, the connection to industry software packages is possible, like for example:

  • Transfer of already existing data from the preparation of the work,
  • Spatial planning systems,
  • Software from the window construction industry,
  • Software for staircase construction,
  • CAD / CAM systems and ERP / PPS systems.

Working dimensions

  • max. processing length: 6.000mm
  • max. processing width: 1.300mm
  • max. processing height: 150mm (optional 180mm)

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