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Sizing saw with front feed, with lifting table or as angular plant designed for the application in the handicraft and for serial manufacturing.

Through multiple options the machine can be customized to individual production requirements - such as:

Technological data (2018)

  • Saw blade supertanant 80 mm, optionally 95 mm
  • Cutting length 3.200/ 3.800/ 4.300/ 5.600 mm
  • Speed saw carriage up to 130 m/min, optionally 150 m/min
  • Main saw motor 11 kW, optionally 18, 21, 24 oder 28 kW
  • Control software CADMATIC 5.0
  • intelliGuide
  • width of lifting table: 2.200mm

Equipment features of the standard version (2018)

optionally with Lifting table or as Angular plant

  • Micro-infeed for thin boards and extra feed
  • automatic waste disposal (only angular plant)
  • air nozzles throughout (only angular plant)

Further model


SAWTEQ B-300 mit Hubtisch
HOMAG, 2018
SAWTEQ B-300 Winkelanlage
HOMAG, 2018

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