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Measure and infeed device on HOMAG panel sizing saws with lift table or othr automatic infeed units, such as e.g. ECONOLIFT.

Micro infeeds are program valves affixed next to the collet chuck and are especially required for feeding thin, wavey panel materials for a reliable feed of the saw.

Micro infeeds capture the desired number of plates and slide them as package onto the supporting table where further positionings take place through the collet chuck

  • Minimal panel thickness: ca. 6 mm

Additional workpiece thickness measurement is optional by two, independent, contact less measuring systems.

  • when panels have a thickness between ca. 3 and 6 mm, an additional retention device is necessary for the thin panel infeed.
Период производства:
ориетировочно 1995
ориетировочно 2018
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