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Type of feed roller drive

Transmission of drive power from the feed motor to the single feed rollers on planers and moulders

Chain drive

  • with older machines until about the beginning of the 70´s

Cardanic drive

  • common drive type with mechanics-regulated and frequency-regulated feed rate respectively, used on machines with a feed rate of 100-600m/min,

Hydraulic drive

  • used on machines for high feed rate, approx. 100m/min as well as machines with a processing width larger than 220mm (e.g. Waco Solid profile sharping machine)

Direct drive

  • single feed units will be driven directly, each with separate, frequency-regulated drive motor
  • cheap engine version up to approx. 15m/min feed rate (e.g. WEINIG Unimat 300)
  • saving of energy up to 15% in comparison to traditional feed rates on Hydromat 3500 by Waco


Kettenantrieb PFA
Hydraulikantrieb SOLID
Direktantrieb Hydromat 3500
WACO, 2009