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Dismantling instructions

CNC - machining centres

Before starting the dismantling process, the head of the machine should be moved into the transporting position and following things are to be checked and wondered:

Are special transport securities necessary, maybe even a separate frame in order to separate the machine bed from the support? Are loading bars and crane lugs needed? Often there's a rack to affix the control panel laterally onto the machine in order to prevent the cables to loosen. If no rack is at hand, check whether the control panel can be transported on the machine table or can be connected to it using a wooden construction. Another possibility would be to carry along the control panel when loading using a second lifting device, requiring the connecting cable to be long enough.

All axes are to be secured when travelling, the cantilever may have to be secured to intercept the vibrations of the lorry.

The monitor is to be well-secured and well-protected. Possibly available office spaces are to be checked on data dongles to pack licenses and programs along the machine. The safety mats are to be transported without bends on a smooth surface in order to prevent cable breakage.


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