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Premilling unit

Aggregates in edgebanders to get an excellent surface at the workpiece edges before edge banding


Wood-based panels for furniture construction are especially sensitive in the edge area. Storage at higher humidity (weather changes) makes the workpiece edge region swell up. When sizing on sliding table saws and vertical panel saws respectively without scoring unit, skips on the workpiece surface may occur. Falsely-configurated scoring units on beamsaws may lead to conical cutting edges. In order to remove them before gluing the edges, premilling units are applied. As premilling is carried out right before gluing the edges, small machines are increasingly equipped with premilling units. Usually the premilling units consist of 2 milling spindles working in the opposite direction of each other. The first spindle is the workpiece towards the opposite direction. This spindle mills only a small piece of the workpiece edge and moves away from it, to avoid an avulsion at the end of the workpiece edge. The second spindle rotates to the workpiece same direction and cuts the edge planar to the end.

Jointing trimming depth is about 1 mm

Alternative terms

  • Pre-milling - machines when equipped with some manufacturers have a Jointing cutter type in their names a 'V'. Not to be confused with flush milling What is sometimes also labeled as such.

Images and Videos

1804 MOT2
Durch Luftfeuchtigkeit gequollene Werkstückkante
Beim Sägen entstandene Ausrisse an der Werkstückoberfläche
Kante konisch wegen falsch eingestelltem Vorritzer
OTT, 2005