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Wadkin A L Dalton Ltd

Manufacturer of window and door construction systems, as well as standard machines.



Liquidation of Wadkin Ltd.. The manufacturer and trading company 'A L Dalton Ltd' takes over the rights and continues business further away from Nottingham.


Successor company has moved to new premises. Still have 115 employees, of whom 27 are experienced service technicians. They sell today for example moulding machines from Taiwan named Robinson. Wadkin nowadays manufactures only a very few moulders - but quite many band saws and moulding knives sharpening machines - about 20 machines a month. The main working field, in addition to service, is the work-up of old moulders. These are worked up, until they have good quality and are sold quite expensive.


Wadkin files bankruptcy -> successor company Wadkin Ultra Care.


Wadkin stopped production of CNC machines, some former employees went to the company Rye. Rye was a manufacturer of CNC machines, representation of Alberti.


Corporation with Gubisch - from this time on selling the GA 220 moulders about five years. After that the partnership broke up.


Company had 600 employees.

1970 - 1980

Absolute boom time. Main products were moulders (planers and moulders), double end tenoners, mortisers, angle plants, CNC-shapers as well as standard machines. The mortiser DMW ('Hammerschlag') was very popular and is still in demand very much. Wadkin had 3 locations:

  • Leicester - moulders, double end tenoners, angle plants, CNC-shaper
  • Colne Yorkshire - standard machines, some CNC machining centers
  • Durham - mortising machines, spindle moulders

Founded by John Wadkin and brother in law W. Jarvis. Partnership was not successful and Mr Wadkin left the company.

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WADKIN, 2010
WADKIN, 2002
WADKIN, 1990
WADKIN, 1975


Chisel mortiser
Radial arm saw
Sharpening machine for profile cutters
Cross cut saw
Turning lathe
Tenoning machine
Band saw
Disk sander
Wide belt sander
Pattern milling machine
Sharpening machine for planing and guillotine knifes
Tool grinding machine
Double end tenoner
Four side planer
Stroke Sander
Combined surface/ thickness planing machine
Straight line edger
Edge sanding machine
Combination machine
Multirip saw