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For controlling and optimising the adjustable sawing axis.

  • Expansion stage of the RipAssist optimization software with quality optimisation (optional)
  • Order-related cut to width, quality, price, quantity
  • Provides extensive production data

Properties (2017)

  • TimberMax 5.0 optimises cutting regards to timber yield, added value and productivity. Here it considers various widths, qualities, prices and quantities according to freely selectable priorities.
  • Width optimisation:
  • Pure width-optimisation, where the raw product is divided according to the cutting list.
  • Various quality levels are to be considered.
  • The best measure-combination results in a maximum yield of various qualities. There are 4 different qualities that can be defined.
  • Price optimisation:
  • In the cutting list the prices are registered according to the quantities.
  • The partitioning is carried out in a way that the highest price per board is achieved.
  • Quantity optimisation:
  • In the cutting list, additional quantities are registered.
  • The partitioning is optimised according to the required quantities and thus facilitates a quick execution of all orders.

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