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Places in coil magazine

At edgebanders see technical term coil magazine

At CNC-machining centres

It is often necessary at CNC-machining centres with edgebanding aggregate to keep different edging materials available without stopping the running process. Therefore the manufactures offering coil magazines for different coils.

In simple versions the operator has to pull the edge material manually out of the magazine to the edge infeed. The machine then takes over the automatic infeed and the length trimming.

At higher automated machines the coil is choosen automatically by the control. Only adding or changing of the coils has to be done by the operator.

The magazines can be mounted at the cantilever or standing next to the machine. Ride-magazines (mounted at the cantilver) have the advantage of a faster Exchange of edges, but for reason of space only a limited capacity. Ride-magazines are usually used in high-performance machines.

Stationary magazines offer the advantage that a large number of edge bands can be stored. At magazines with semi-automatic it is also easier fo the operator to pull the edges of the tape infeed, as the magazine is outside the safety devices. Machines where the Edge banding unit is changed into the main spindle have got a stationary roll magazine.


stationäres Rollenmagazin
IMA, 1999
mitfahrendes Rollenmagazin
HOMAG, 2000
Rollenmagazin an Kantenanleimmaschine
IMA, 1997