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Series of CNC machining centres with at that time new control generation; since 1992 Morbidelli offered this series instead of the successful series U.

With the construction series Author, Morbidelli represented two important innovations: tool changer and c-axis (under the designation vector axis).

The first models of the new Author Generation were exclusively cantilever machines with pod and rail tables. At the beginning, the gantry machines were labelled under the type designation U. The last U model U550, launched in 1992, was the proper first Author model, from technical perspective.

All models had an aggregates support, with a basic equipment of at least one router head and one boring unit.

The Author series was rather successful, thus preserving this name over several machine generations.

The first machine being launched in 1992 was the Author 510, which was also for quite a period the most expensive and powerful model of the Author series. The machine had the longest z-axis and was the only machine until 1997 that had a very fast co-running vertical disc tool changer - the typical design for this machine. In 1996/97 all Author machines were refurbished and re-equipped with softbumpers, which was also a modified typical design for the Morbidelli machines. The rapid tool change system was also introduced, thus providing more models with a faster tool changer. In the same year, the second machine generation was introduced with the model Author 400.

2017 a restructuring within the SCM group took place. With this restructuring Morbidelli disappeared as manufacturer name and is from now on the name for the panel processing of construed series of CNC-machining centres.

With this the name Author disappeared.

Types of the series Morbidelli Author

Author 510

  • First Morbidelli Author, launched in 1992
  • Top machine of the first generation
  • Production until 1998

Author 213

  • Initially as U213 because without tool changer, since 1993 renamed Author 213
  • Smallest and least expensive machine of the first generation without tool changer * Production until 1997

Author 502

  • Quite similar to the Author 213, yet with additional options and more powerful control
  • Initially only Author machine with outdated ESA TRIA 6000, then sold with ESA TRIA 10500
  • Production until 1997

Author 503

  • At that time smallest Author machine with tool changer
  • No c-axis
  • Production until 1998

Author 504

  • Author model with largest working range at that time
  • Production until 1998, new machines of this type were still sold in 1999

More models since 1997:

Author 300 Serie

  • Launched in 2007, a less expensive alternative to the series 400 with little smaller equipment and similar working dimensions
  • Author 300 was the name of a basic machine with a working range in Y 1250 mm and in Z 180 mm, available with pod and rail table or matrix table.
  • The type designation referred to the machine length (X), depending partly on the equipment; the available length in X corresponded mostly to the known types of the 400 series:
  • Author 327 working range X: 2700 mm
  • Author 330 working range X: 3050 mm pod and rail table, 3110 mm matrix table ** Author 336 working range X: 3660 mm, only with pod and rail table
  • Author 336 NB, only with matrix table, suitable for nesting, working range X: 3710 mm
  • Author 344 working range X: 3660 mm, only with pod and rail table
  • Production until 2011

Author 400

  • Market launch in1997
  • Smallest and least expensive Author machine, even below the Author 213
  • The initial price for the basic machine in Germany was at just above 100.000 DM.
  • At the beginning equipped with quite reduced control ESA Kletra 10400
  • Since 09/1998 equipped with the highly qualified ESA Kvara 30
  • Production until 2001, ceased without direct successor; SCM offered already the Tech series as rather economic option to the marktet.

Author 400 series

  • Author 430 was launched to the market in 2001 as successor for Author 500, because a series 500 had already existed as first Author generation.
  • At the beginning the machines were only available with pod and rail table.
  • In 2005 the model range was extended with a smaller and a larger machine each, also machines with matrix table and suitable for nesting were introduced.
  • The series 400 had a working range in Y 1385 mm (milling range) and in Z 180 mm.
  • Types:
  • Author 427 (since 2005): working range X: 2700 mm
  • Author 430: working range X: 3050 mm
  • Author 432: working range X: 3200 mm
  • Author 436: working range X: 3660 mm
  • Author 444: working range X: 4400 mm
  • Author 455: working range X: 5500 mm
  • Author 467 (since 2005): working range X: 5700 mm

Author 500

  • Market launch in 1998
  • In contrast to the common product range policy of Morbidelli, the Author 500 wasn't a basic machine of this series but - just like the Author 400 - the successor of the smaller first generation machines of Author 502 and 503.
  • Production until 2003.

Author 600K

  • Market Launch in 1998
  • At the beginning only one model, designated 600 K
  • Production of the original 600 K ceased in approx. 2001; the designated 600K introduced since 2001 was a new model with different measurments and equipment.

Author 600

  • Market launch in 2000, completely new design with caracteristic bumpers for all Morbidelli models, remaining the typical Morbidelli brand mark for more than a decade.
  • Compared with the 600K, a clearly larger working range in Y (1400 mm) and more qualified equipment

Author 600 Serie up to 2005

  • Since 2001, several versions were introduced on the base of the basic model Author 600, their working range and equipment options being labelled with letters.
  • The standard working range in Y was 1400 mm and could be extended to 1700 mm.
  • The models 600, 2001 - 2005: - Author 600 K: basic equipment, working range X: 2900 (not to be identified with the original Author 600 K) - Author 600 K2: basic equipment, working range X: 3200 - Author 600 KL: aggregates support with more free spaces, working range X: 3600 - Author 600 KLS: same as KL, but larger boring block and more free spaces for aggregates - Author 600 KXL: same as KL, but working range X: 4400 - Author 600 KXXL: same as KL, but working range X: 5500

Series Author 600, 2005 - 2008

  • Since 2005, the model designation changed from letters to numbers, just like the series 300, 400 and 700.
  • Each model number referred to the working range, all equipment options being available.
  • The complete series Author 600 ceased in approx. 2008. There was no direct successor, because Morbidelli refurbished the complete production portfolio and introduced new construction series.
  • The models 600 since 2005: - Author 632: working range X: 3200 - Author 636: working range X: 3660 - Author 644: working range X: 4400 - Author 655: working range X: 5500 - Author 667: working range X: 6700

Author 660

From the technical point of view, the Author 660 is not an Author 600 machine, because it's technically different. The Author 660 is a processing line in gantry design, which can also be equipped as feed-through boring line.

Series Author 700, first generation

  • Launched in 1997, it was no direct successor of the Author 510, yet, several proven details such as the quick tool changer were kept.
  • Especially powerful moving gantry machine, a top model between cantilever machine and immobile gantry machines.
  • At the launch it was equipped with the slightly outdated ESATria 7500.
  • Initially there was only one version with a working range of 3200 x 1600 mm, the model 700.
  • In approx. 1999, 6 versions with individual equipment and names were available. The machine only existed in one size, but various aggregates supports were available:
  • Author 703
  • Author 708
  • Author 710
  • Author 711
  • Author 713
  • Author 716
  • Due to the functional concept as moving gantry machine, the Author 700 was a relatively expensive machine, being sold in low quantity. The technology, partly from the model Author 510, became outdated. Thus the production ceased in approx. 2000/2001 and a new generation was developped and introduced, basing on the small Author series.

Series Author 700, second generation

  • This second generation of the series Author 700 was technically rather different from the first generation. Also these machines were large and very powerful top models.
  • It was also about cantilever machines, optically like the smaller machines of this series, but with clearly larger working range and various equipment options.
  • Modification in approx. 2005
  • Now this second generation had a working range in Y 1500 mm (optionally also 1700 mm) and in Z 180 mm.
  • The type names referred, just like the other Author series, to the size of their working range in X:
  • Author 744
  • Author 753

Author 800

  • Launched in 2001, the machine had the largest working range and the largest SCM boring aggregate.
  • At that time, the Morbidelli Author 800 was the most widely configurable CNC-machining centre of the SCM Group, for all versions could be combined freely.
  • Working range in Y was available in two sizes: 1400 or 1700 mm.
  • 4 aggregates supports with individual feed option were available.
  • There were two models with individual working range X:
  • Author 800: 4400 mm
  • Author 800 L: 5300 mm

Author 800, second generation

  • After the modification of the series 700 in approx. 2005, the naming of the series 800 was adjusted to the usual naming at Morbidelli. Now the same basic machines were used for the series 700 and 800.
  • Now the working range of the smaller version was at 1500 mm, the working range of the extended version remained at 1700 mm.
  • The various aggregates supporsts remained the same.
  • After the modification there were the following types:
  • Author 842: working range X: 4200 mm
  • Author 853: working range X: 5300 mm

Author 900 Serie

  • Technically not to be compared to the usual Author models, but similar to the Author 660 for being a gantry machine.
  • Largest and most widely configurable Morbidelli machine, up to 4 independant Aggregates supports from above and 4 separate lateral boring units.

Author X5

  • In 2003, Morbidelli introduced for the first time 5-axes technology, including the Author X5 to their production range.
  • The SCM Group developped and introduced the 5-axes PrismaSpindel.
  • The machine body was based on the series 600. Due to this fact, already 5 processing lengths could be offered at the market launch; yet, there was only one aggregates support and one milling range 1274 mm in Y.
  • In 2005, there were slight modifications, with an increased milling range 1350 mm in Y.
  • Just like the other Author models, the machines now had an additional designation referring to their processing length.
  • With this the following models were available since 2005: -- Author X5-30 : 3050 mm -- Author X5-32 : 3200 mm -- Author X5-36 : 3660 mm -- Author X5-44 : 4400 mm -- Author X5-55 : 5500 mm -- Author X5-67 : 6700 mm
  • In 2007, the model names were slightly modified, with a full stop replacing the minus: Author X5.30, Author X5.32, Author X5.36, Author X5.44, Author X5.55, Author X5.67

Author X5 Evo

  • In 2005, another Version X5 was introduced, offering a working range 1780 mm in Y and a naggregates support with clearly larger boring aggregate as well as an additional free space.
  • The original designation was Author X5 Evolution, later just the abbreviation Evo was in use.
  • Processing lengths and names corresponded to the standard model X5; the following models were available in 2005: -- Author X5-30 Evo: 3050 mm -- Author X5-32 Evo: 3200 mm -- Author X5-36 Evo: 3660 mm -- Author X5-44 Evo: 4400 mm -- Author X5-55 Evo: 5500 mm -- Author X5-67 Evo: 6700 mm
  • In 2007, the names were modified just like the X5. The Evo version of the smallest X5 model was cancelled: Author X5.32 Evo, Author X5.36 Evo, Author X5.44 Evo, Author X5.55 Evo, Author X5.6 Evo

Series Author M

  • All Morbidelli models were refurbished between 2009 and 2011.
  • The development of a basic platform for SCM and Morbidelli was planned, thus introducing a new generation SCM Accord construction series and the Morbidelli Author M and MF series.
  • The Author machines, mostly cantilever machines, were completely changed to moving gantry machines, partly due to new EU safety laws
  • At the same time, the new software Xilog Maestro was developped.
  • A special security concept was created for the new moving gantry machines. The Morbidelli bumpers, proven for nearly two decades, were replaced by Pro-Space and Pro-Speed.
  • With this the new Author machines since 2011 were newly developped models, sharing nothing more than the name with the original Author construction series.

Author M 200

Author M 300

Author M 400

Author M 600

Author M 800

Author MF

  • The designation Author MF is not a separate series, but only a version of the Author M series with an aluminium matrix table; all other technical data are the same as the basic model: -- Author M 400F -- Author M 600F -- Author M 800F

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Author M400
Author 510
Author 213
Author 502
Author 503 (sehr seltene Variante 1997)
Author 504 ab 1996
Author 336 mit Rastertisch
Author 400
Author 427
Author 500

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